Why jan jesberger insurance doesn't write state minimum liability limits

This article explains why at jan jesberger insurance we strongly recomend that when you place auto insurance, you need to purchase higher liability limits,

Four things to know when insuring your Idaho or Washington snow plowing business

With winter approaching in the Northwest, it is important to make sure that you are insured correctly. Here are 4 things you need to consider before you plow your first snowflake

6 Tips for New (and Old) residents of the Northwest to prepare their home for winter

This article discusses 6 tips that you should help you prepare your home for winter in Idaho, Montana, and Washington

My dog just escaped and bit someone, do I have insurance coverage?

This article discusses how your homeowners insurance protects you in the event of a dog bite or accident in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arizona and California

5 things you should know as a first-time insurance buyer

When it is time to purchase that first insurance policy in Idaho, Washington, Montana or Arizona, here are 5 things to consider

Homeowners vs Renters Insurance: What are 3 differences?

This article discusses how your renters insurance policy follows you when you leave home.

Homeowners vs Renters Insurance: What are 3 differences?

This article details the differences in , coverage between homeowners insurance coverage and rental insurance policies in Idaho,Washington, Arizona, and Montana

Cars in your Care: Insurance for Classic Car Restoration Business

When you have an classic car restoration business, protecting your assets and the vehicles you care about is complicated. At Jan Jesberger Insurance we have the experience to provide guidance to ensure that your business is protected.

9 myths about lightning – and the facts behind the myths

This blog details the myths that surround safety and lightning , looks at the myths associated with lightning and provides facts that surround this natural event

Does my renters insurance cover me on vacation?

This article discusses how your renters insurance policy follows you when you leave home.

Be careful if a roofer comes knocking: A caveat for homeowners in Idaho from Gem State Insurance.

If you have an older roof with 3 tab shingles, you should check out this blog from Gem State Insurance- You may be the victim of a scam - As always please call Jan Jesberger Insurance if you have questions

A proactive Approach for a WIldlife Defense Program

SAFECO insurance has a program where they may step in in the event of a wildfire loss to their insureds. This blog focuses on the ways that SAFECO insurance can protect property in the event of a wildfire

What I learned about myself when my phone died..

This details my addiction to cell phone technology, and what I have learned about myself

5 Reasons to consider changing from a Homeowners to a Small or Hobby Farm insurance policy

This blog details the additional risks associated with owning a small farm and discusses when you should consider moving into a more comprehensive policy.

Jan Jesberger recovers her awnings at Jan Jesberger Insurance Hayden Idaho

This blog explains our history together as it relates to upholstery, This blog has a link to Jan recovering our awnings outside our building in Hayden Idaho

Congratulations to Grange Insurance Association on earning Val-Paks " Best Home Insurance Value in the Northwest" designation. Jan jesberger insurance is proud to be a proud partner with

In winning this award Grange has demonstrated that they've provided our clients with a unique combination of excellent customer service, claims handling, and price in the home insurance products that have been sold over the prior ten-year period. Jan jesberger insurance is a proud partner with Grange

8 things to consider when buying a rural home in Idaho (Whether you are retiring or not!)

This blog focuses on the new buyer to rural real estate in Idaho Montana and Washington. Discussed are how to evaluate your prospective home in different seasons, and what to watch for with risks associated with your home

Pictures are Memories

When taking photos we are capturing our history. Jan reflects of the power of photos for all of us

What you need to know when you are insuring your manufactured home in Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Arizona

This blog compares and contrasts the different types of insurance that a manufactured home needs. detailing the unique risks associated with insuring mobile homes, including actual cash value vs replacement , liability and comprehensive coverage

Repair vs Replace: How to assess the damage caused by a rock hitting your windshield and steps to take to ensure that your windshield

This blog discusses how to assess damage to a windshield, defining when a windshield needs to be repaired and when it should be replaced. When a repair is possible it discusses way to make sure your repair is as successful as it can be

6 reasons you should consider having pet insurance for your cat

This article focuses on why you should consider insuring your cat, and not just your dog

What are the exposures in my Company for Non- Owned Vehicle Operators?

This blog discusses the exposures that having employees that operate non-owned vehicles for the company present to the company, and steps to take to minimize this exposure

8 Ways to Save On Car Insurance with Teen Drivers

This blog details 8 ways for you to save money with a teen driver, while still being covered correctly

Why Teens ( and their parents) Pay More for Car Insurance

This blog explains why teens pay more for auto insurance

8 ways to save with a teen driver

This blog focuses on 8 ways to save money on your car insurance with a teen driver

As a horse owner, what do I need to know about Insurance in Idaho

This is a synopsis of the unique risks that horse owners assume

DIstracted Driving 40 years ago

As insurance professionals In Idaho- we think of texting, but in this story I relate my first distracted driving accident as a college student on a bike!

Do I need to purchase insurance for my commercial trailer?

A discussion of how a business person need to cover their trailers, and ways to minimize their insurance investments while keeping the correct coverage

Why are my auto insurance rates increasing in Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Arizona?

This article focuses on the underlying reasons of auto insurance rate increases

young drivers contract - a tool for conversation with a beginning driver

Having a conversation to clearly state what the rules and expectations of a new driver is important. This tool helps with that conversation giving your young driver a clear map of what the rules of the road are

Three reasons you should have a personal umbrella policy

Why should I buy umbrella insurance? Here are just 3 of the many reasons that you should consider umbrella or excess liability insurance

Insurance and short term rentals: What you need to know while considering enrolling with Airbnb

There are many items you need to consider when thinking about short term rentals in Idaho, This article details the exposure that one can have with Airbnb in Idaho

What to consider when you are insuring your second home in Idaho

There are many things to consider when insuring your secondary home in Idaho this article gives you a overview of what to expect

Do you really want jan jesberger insurance as your insurance advisor?

We treat our clients as family, making sure they are well protected, have continuing conversations, and always strive to provide the best coverage, Read an find out if we are a good fit for you.

I am a new small farm owner, what insurance do I need?

As a hobby farmer in Idaho, your liabilities may differ from those covered in a homeowners policy. Make sure you are covered for all of your valuable assets,

What are some frequently asked questions for Pet Insurance?

Jan Jesberger Insurance answers questions about Pet Insurance for Idaho,Washington, Montana, California and Arizona

Pet insurance questions answered

Jan Jesberger Insurance answers questions about Pet Insurance for Idaho,Washington, Montana, California and Arizona

Why jan jesberger insurance has EPLI or Employers Liability Protection Insurance

In today's world it is important to protect yourself against suits involving sexual harassment, and other lawsuits involving employment in Idaho

Types of Commercial Insurance

Some of the types of insurance we offer

Jan Jesberger Insurance is proud to support our community non profits

This is a synopsis of our charitable work in 2017

Forms for New Homeowners Insurance Explained

This guide explains the different forms of homeowners insurance

Our Two Fire Seasons in the Northwest

This article focuses on the major causes of house or dwelling fires with tips on how to minimize the impact

Jan Jesberger insurance- your experts in Pet Insurance

Jan Jesberger Insurance explains why you need pet insurance

Do I need additional insurance when renting a vehicle

what are my options and coverage when renting a vehicle

Jan Jesberger Insurance offers free notary service in Hayden,Coeur d Alene and all of North Idaho

Jan Jesberger insurance provides free notary service

Why having Directors and Officers Insurance is important for Volunteer Boards

When serving on a volunteer board, why it important to protect yourself with D and O insurance

Insurance 101

It is important to understand the terms of any insurance policy, to ensure you have the right protection

An Aluminum Christmas

Remembering a metallic Christmas

Why everyone needs an independent insurance agent

Why choose an independent agent for your insurance needs?

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