4 Things to Remember When you are barbecuing in North Idaho

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4 Things to Remember When you are Barbequing

Jan and I love to sit outside in our backyard after work in the summer, discuss the issues of the day over a cold beverage and barbeque.From chicken to steaks, from peppers to corn, there is just something that makes cooking outside special. If you have grilled outside as long as we have however, you have probably had some close calls. Did you know, that last year there were 8900 house fires and 11,000 injuries from barbequing?Thinking about these safety tips can help you have a great grilling season.

Check Out Your Grill

When the snow goes away and you can fire up that grill for the first time, check it out. If you have a propane grill, check it for leaks. When you fire the grill up, double check the burners, they may have rusted out during the dormant season. Also make sure some critter or insect didn’t settle into the grill and create a nest.

Not Wearing Protective Clothing

No, this doesn’t mean you need to wear asbestos clothing when grilling that salmon. It does mean, however, that you should use the proper gloves, etc. I will confess that in the past, I have used beach towels to turn kabobs, or to grab a cob of corn.Not a great idea.Not only does your wife look at you like you are crazy, but it just isn’t safe.Dealing with hot foods requires the correct equipment.That cheap plastic spatula you use to turn your fried eggs might not be the best implement to turn that rack of ribs!

Storing and Using your grill too near a structure

Cooking too near a structure is also a hazard that is easily avoided.Even though you may have grilled for years within 10 feet of your house, it could just take one major flareup to either start a fire, or melt your vinyl siding. The melting point ofthat siding is not very high (165) degrees.This makes it very easy to melt, and we have had several claims very expensive claims with melting siding.If your grill is a propane one, make sure that any tanks are stored away from both the structure and any source of ignition.

Treat your coals properly

When you use charcoal or wood, it is important to think about the coals both before, as well as after grilling.If you use charcoal lighter, make sure that it is approved.Never, ever use gasoline or anything else that is not specifically meant to start a fire.Never pour lighting fluid on a lit fire.The fire can follow the stream up to the top and start a fire in the lighting fluid bottle.Coals remain hot for a long time.Before dumping coals in the garbage, make sure that they are dead out!

Most of all, let’s enjoy this summer of long twilights, charred meat and great desserts. By using common sense you can make sure this is a summer of great memories.