5 things you should know as a first-time insurance buyer

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5 things you should know as a first-time insurance buyer

When you think of transitions, like buying your first car, or moving out on your own, change is usually met with a choice about how to protect our new assets or lifestyle.This change often sets us on a trajectory for many years, so it is important to think about our choices from the beginning.If you are a first-time insurance buyer, please read these insurance tips for those who are purchasing protection for your new living situation.For a primer on definition of words used in the insurance industry see Insurance 101.

Buying a car

When you are thinking about that new car, insurance may not be one of the first things on your mind- but it should be! Car insurance rates can vary widely, but certain vehicles, like luxury vehicles or a 4x4 can change your premium significantly.If you have a question about how much a vehicle could cost to insure, please drop us a line at jan@janjinsurance.com

Using your car for extra income

If you are using your car to transport others or provide a delivery service, you need to check with us to make sure you have the proper coverage.That free policy that you got for signing up with a ride sharing company is probably worth what you paid for it.

Renters insurance – Your landlords insurance doesn’t cover your stuff.

If you rent a home or apartment, it’s important to remember that your landlord is not responsible for your possessions.If you want protection and reimbursement for your personal possessions, you will need renter’s insurance.Many landlords and apartment complexes require you to carry insurance. This insurance is very affordable, if you have any questions, call us at 208-762-2122.

Consider bundling

At jan jesberger insurance, when you have a conversation with us, we are always looking for the best deal, with the correct coverage for you, and many times that means placing protection for both your car as well as your possessions with one company.Rest assured, we will find you the best deal from the companies we represent and will shop your policies to ensure you are getting the best deal, with the correct coverages, when your situation changes, too.

Coverage Gaps

A standard renters or car insurance policy is a good starting point, but do the coverages fit your needs? What about deductibles? In the event of a loss, how much can you afford to pay before your insurance kicks in?You should also think about whether you want to add additional coverages, like towing or rental car reimbursement included on your policy. Remember the adage “rate equals risk”.

Consider jan jesberger insurance- If you are a first-time insurance buyer, you have questions.Our staff stands ready to answer your questions without any obligation.Insurance is not a one size fits all commodity and different carriers have different policies.At jji we provide you with a variety of options and pricing to fit your needs at no cost to you. Consider contacting us today atjan@janjinsurance.com.We also invite you to check out our reviews on Facebook!We are licensed and write insurance in the following states: Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arizona, and California.