6 reasons you should consider having pet insurance for your cat

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6 reasons you should consider having pet insurance for your cat.

When we think of pet insurance, many of us naturally think of dogs, but what about cats? We are sure that many of us have similar stories to this. A friend of ours recently went through a very expensive process to save her cat of 10 years. She spent part of her retirement savings in treating her friend for kidney stones, spending over $3000 on her beloved friend, in fact according to Veterinarian Manager Elyse Cannon said” "Today's veterinary medicine is quite advanced, so there are almost as many treatments available to furry friends as there are in human healthcare. ". In fact according to CBS news, the average unexpected pet bill can range from $800 to nearly $1500, and every six seconds a pet parent is handed a bill for over $3,000.CBS news pet report.

What are some reasons that we should consider pet insurance for both indoor and outdoor cats? Here are 5.

  • Cats are good at hiding symptoms. By their very nature cats are secretive which means that symptoms often go unnoticed. The fact that they sleep away many days makes it hard to notice a problem with their kitty.
  • Cats have common problems. Many cats tend to have cystitis, digestive upsets, cancer, diabetes, thyroid issues, leukemia, kidney failure, and heart disease.
  • Treating cats is just as expensive as other animals. Just visit with anyone that has had unexpected cat problems. You should have the piece of mind, that allows you to make the correct decision for your furry family member.
  • Pet insurance is affordable. Once you decide to insure your cat, you don’t need to think of cost, only what is best for your cat, filing a claim does not increase your premium.
  • Cats often live until they are 18. Given the advances of medical science, we can return the favor of their unlimited love with treatment that provides a quality of life. You don’t want to euthanize a friend because of financial concerns.
  • Cats are roamers. By their nature, cats get into fights, get hit by cars, and sometimes get into trouble in their daily investigations. Jan and I have spent much money when Festus would get into trouble and get an infection from a catfight.

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