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A Proactive Approach for Wildfire Defense Program

As an independent insurance agency in North Idaho, we are always looking for quality insurance carriers to provide value for our clients and friends.Many of our customers live on acreage with a significant interface between forest and their buildings. We have all watched in horror as house after house has burned to its foundation.One of our partners, SAFECO has instituted a Wildfire Defense Program. Jan Jesberger Insurance is proud to represent SAFECO in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arizona, and California.

How the Wildfire Defense Program Works

The Wildfire Defense Program can provide crews to remove overgrown vegetation, fuel tanks or trash from the property. They may also use temporary sprinkler systems or fire engines and, in some situations, will apply fire-blocking gel to protect homes.

To offer this program, Safeco is contracted with Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc., which maintains a map of Safeco’s policies-in-force within the program footprint and provides Safeco with reports and recommendations during a wildfire. If Safeco makes a decision to trigger the response service for a particular event, Wildfire Defense Systems crews will work with government responders to provide extra mitigation support for eligible Safeco policyholders.

Who is enrolled?

When the wildfire response service is triggered, Safeco’s “Callout Team” from the Claims Service Center will contact eligible policyholders to explain the program and offer enrollment. Each time Safeco’s Callout Team contacts one of your policyholders about enrollment, we will also notify you.Renters and Condo policies are not included in this program.

Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of wildfire, limitations of resources, safety considerations and instructions from federal, state and local fire officials, there may be instances in which Safeco and Wildfire Defense Systems may not be able to provide these services. Safeco Insurance and its representatives will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide these services. If services are provided, there is no guarantee that these services will prevent damage.

An Example of how this work? Wildfire Defense Program in action

Brien Harrison,was watching the progress of the Carlton Complex fire from the Seattle area where he lives and works when he received a call from Safeco’s Claims Service Center about enrolling in the Wildfire Defense Program. “They told me the fire...was a mile and a half from my property,” recalls Harrison.

Firefighters from the Wildfire Defense Program dug trenches around Harrison's cabin and the generator, and as the fire raged and crept closer over a two-day period, crews applied fire-blocking gel to the structure and the ground surrounding it. Harrison estimates that 12 of his 14 acres burned but his cabin and a barn were saved.

The Bottom Line

Insurance is much more than price.In this time of increased risk of our property from wildfires, maybe it is time to think about being insured with a company that protects you proactively. Give us a call at 208-762-2122 or email us at jan@janjinsurance.com