An Aluminum Christmas

Jan Jesberger Insurance will be closed on Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th, as well as the January 1st so we may spend time with our families this Holiday season.

When we think of Christmas trees, the first word that comes to mind is not aluminum. However for many of us growing up in the sixties this was a reality for our living rooms. I can still remember my parents unpacking the large cardboard box from the family station wagon right after Thanksgiving, declaring that we would not need to make a trek to the lot this year to purchase a tree, we had the solution to our decorating problems, we had a self- snowing aluminum tree, with the deluxe rotating color wheel!
As the “tree” was assembled, the trunk looked an awful lot like a broomstick with holes drilled into it, with the branches resembling oversized test tube brushes. Upon assembly, this tree looked like something from a 1950’s cheap sci-fi flick, but the kicker was when the self- snowing attachment was added, and small Styrofoam pellets floated down peacefully to settle on the mirror like branches, at least until the furnace kicked in and they spread like a plague across our living room, we were not destined to have an art deco Christmas!
The next year, the tree found a new, more majestic place, attached to the cooler atop our Tempe, AZ home where it shone for many years over our neighborhood, and we returned to a more traditional decoration.