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Cars in your Care- Insurance for Classic Car Restoration Business

When we listen to our classic owners tell their car’s story, we always hear the dedication in their voice. As a business that sells, shows or stores, and works on collector cars you share that passion. Caring for multiple collector vehicles does, however, present challenges and risks. We provide solutions and challenges for risks, with insurance programs that protect against those risks, with programs that are specific for classic vehicle businesses.

When you think about insurance, you think about protection. Just like with any type of policy, coverages vary, and your love is refinishing vehicles, not coverage. Many policies fall far short of providing you the coverage you need. At jan jesberger insurance we insure and care for many restoration businesses, like Steel Rose Garage in Post Falls, as well as RTech in Hayden, Idaho. Some of the areas that our policies shine in include:

Agreed Value Coverage

Most commercial policies provide actual cash value coverage for damage to vehicles.This works well for late model cars, but is not a good solution for classic cars. At jan jesberger insurance, we recommend a package that provides an Agreed Value Coverage, which is based on the classic car market.This guarantees owners will receive the full market value of the covered cars.

Blanket Coverage

Throughout the year, classic car businesses have cars scoming and going all of the time. With blanket coverage there is no need to schedule each car. We provide policies that have an overall limit for all cars combined, so you don’t have to worry about constantly updating a car schedule, freeing you to do your work, without the worry.


The coverage is provided when cars are in transit: for example, when a classic car restorer needs to take a car being restored to another shop for some custom paint work. Coverage is not only provided while the car is being transported to and from the other shop, but also applies for as long as the car is at the other shop. This eliminates the worry about the other shop having adequate insurance coverage.


From gas pumps to signs, hood ornaments– even that precious 1953 Olds motors manual, can be protected with an Agreed Value Coverage. For places like museums, this protects their investments. This is also true for dealerships, restoration shops and storage facilities that often deck out their property with car related collectibles.

Broad Coverage Options

At jan jesberger insurance we offer broad coverage for your buildings, contents, tools, inventory, customer cars in the care of dealers or restorers, liability, products/completed operations liability, workers compensation, umbrella and much more.

We are committed to take care of all your insurance needs, from workers comp to employee liability. We protect you, so you can focus on your business, without the worry.

The Bottom Line

We understand what it takes to run a business. Not only are you concerned about your bottom line, but how to protect your investment, customers and employees.

Laura and Toni, our commercial experts, have over 80 combined years of experience in the commercial insurance industry. They are your guides to navigating all the complicated pathways to correctly limit exposure for your business.We especially excel in finding that hard to insure risk

To have "peace of mind" coverage, give us a call today! 208-762-2122