Do I need to purchase insurance for my commercial trailer?

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Do I need to purchase additional insurance for my commercial trailer?

As those of us in Idaho, Washington, and Montana, begin to think of gearing up for the next busy season -a commercial trailer may be in your purchase plans. In personal insurance, often additional insurance is not needed, that is simply not the case for commercial trailers. Consider the following, the value of an enclosed trailer full of modifications and tools, as compared to the cost of a flatbed trailer on its own. The risks, and therefore the premium of your commercial trailer policy will vary widely.

As an independent insurance agency, jan jesberger insurance can help you choose the correct coverages for the best price. Laura and Toni are the best at matching your insurance needs with the correct company, so you can focus on your business, and not worry about insurance. for a general article on types of commercial insurance, click here

To correctly insure your trailers at the best price, sit down with our commercial department, and we will guide you on how to maximize your insurance investment. Some of the ways that you can reduce the costs your commercial trailer insurance is by attending to the following:

The Bottom Line

At jan jesberger insurance you won’t have to ever deal with a call center located outside of the U.S. Our commercial department knows you, and can make changes, additions or deletions to your policy with one simple call. 208-762-2122
Why worry about your insurance? Have us take care of you, so you can take care of your business.