Does my renters insurance cover me on vacation?

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Does my renter’s insurance cover me on vacation?

The short answer is Yes!

To understand what assets are protected when we are away from home, we need to understand how and when our renter’s insurance steps in.What if our hotel room is ransacked while out enjoying a day away, or what if I injure another accidentally, while I am not at home?

Does my Renters Insurance cover personal property on vacation?

Absolutely! Your renter’s insurance covers the personal property that you have with you.Usually this applies anywhere in the world, but you should check with us for exact phrasing in your policy.
Even though we were not renters, Jan and I experienced a loss like this when we went to a wedding to Los Angeles and had all our luggage stolen.Our final payout was in the thousands of dollars.The money really starts adding up when you assess what you have packed. We would have been devastated, but for insurance.

Whether your trip is a short drive away or thousands of miles away, your renter’s insurance personal property coverage is often able to take care of your loss that occurs on vacation.

Does my Renters cover my personal property at home while I am gone?

What about if I am vacationing in Phoenix, and at the same time, a water pipe breaks in my home, flooding my home in Hayden?Renters Insurance has got you covered.As long as your home is defined as vacant (usually defined as 30 to 60 days where neither you or a guest has stayed overnight) the coverage remains for your personal property.

Does Renters Insurance Liability cover me away from home?

Yes! The liability portion of your renter’s policy covers you on vacation because the coverage is for you, not the insured location.Your property can’t be negligent or incur liability because that requires human intervention, For example, you decide to store your bowling ball on the balcony of a hotel room, and it falls and breaks a glass ceiling at the pool, neither the bowling ball nor the glass ceiling are liable.You would be at fault here because you knew or should have knew that you stored the ball somewhere it could not have fallen off. You put the ball there, so the liability falls on the individual, not the object. Because liability protects you wherever you are, your liability protection travels with you and will protect you no matter the location.

Renters insurance protects you both at home and on vacation for a very reasonable rate.Whether you are just starting out, retired, or somewhere in between, you should give us a call at 208-762-2122, or email us at