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We Now Offer Pet Insurance

We love our pets at jji, they are important members of our families. We have all heard, or experienced the thoughts of,” I don’t care how much my bill is going to be I want Zoey to be better”. We don’t think about the cost of the bill, and often are flabbergasted when we get the final bill. Some examples of costs include:

A puppy racked up a bill of $4,000 after being hit by a car.

  • A Weimaraner needed emergency surgery for bloat (a very serious condition), which cost around $3,000.

Our dogs, Jake and Zoey are active. They daily go for a walk or a bike ride, often in the woods. While we try to keep an eye on them, we think “What if they eat something that makes them sick, or break a leg, or tangle with a porcupine, or what about if they were in an auto accident with me? At a time like this, we don’t want to worry about how much, but how can we fix them up?

That’s why we purchased pet insurance this year. You can opt for just accident or complete coverage, in a variety of options. If you are like us, and don’t want to clean out your savings, or max out your credit cards, why don’t you give us a call today, and we can visit?