the Jan Jesberger Insurance difference: what happens when a loss occurs to your property.

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The jan jesberger insurance difference.

None of us wants to think of the real reasons we buy insurance.

On June 15th, our clients, Orvin and Jean, got the call that we all dread. A duplex that they own was involved in a fire, a complete loss. An electrical fire that consumed both sides of their duplex, thank God however, there were no injuries to the tenants. This type of loss can be devastating, both financially and emotionally.

The story of this loss began when the policy was initially written by Jan, using her experience.She started with listening to their needs and concerns, made sure that the structure had correct coverage and reviewed the policy on a regular basis. So not only could they get their retirement investment restored but would not suffer from loss of income while the duplex was being rebuilt.

Jan and her team not only made sure that the coverage was correct when written and reviewed, that the best policy would need to include a 125% replacement cost guarantee, but also recommended a rider that replaced rents during rebuilding.

There is another part of a loss, the mental part.

When we have a loss that involves insurance, we have enough to worry about. Even If the policy accurately reflects the assets that we protect, we still have questions, both small and large. This is a process that is unfamiliar to most of us. We want a guide that has been there before, to answer the issues that pop into our heads at 2 in the morning; someone who is not an 800 number that needs to review the notes before giving you that minimal amount of time before moving on to their next call.

At jji, we don’t have an automated answering system, we have Donna.

At jji, we don’t have quotas, or timers telling us to move on to the next call. We have Melissa, Kate, and Dina for your personal lines concerns. Laura and Toni are our commercial lines experts.

Jan and her team have cultivated relationships with all our carriers, that can help you get the answers you need for your claim or concern, that can cut through all the red tape that can happen with a claim, large or small. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of paying top dollar for a service and when I have an issue, getting the run around for a simple question or being told that you can find the answer to the issue on their inadequate website.

None of us likes to pay insurance, but when we need it, we want to be able to make sure that we have an advocate to help guide us through a process that we are not familiar with.

Isn’t it time to contact us? 208-762-2122