What to consider when you are insuring your second home in Idaho

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Insuring your secondary home in Idaho

This is the year you decided to purchase your dream secondary home in Idaho.


When Jan and I moved here from Phoenix 31 years ago, it was the best single decision that we have made in our lives. I enjoyed my 30 years of teaching here, and really enjoy helping Jan out now at the agency.
Through the 16 years that Jan has owned jan jesberger insurance, she has protected many secondary homes for friends across the nation. I recently asked her about the importance of having a local, established independent agent protect this asset.

What is different about insuring a primary as opposed to a secondary home.

One of the largest differences in a primary as opposed to a secondary is occupancy. When one of our partner insurance carriers insures a secondary home, they know that it will be vacant sometimes. Given this additional risk, many insurance companies will not write a standalone secondary home. We have several companies, however that will insure this risk.

One of the most serious problems facing firefighters today is the movement of people into the Wildland/Urban Interface. As a forest fire spreads toward flammable structures that are near or in some cases surrounded by burnable vegetation it can be very difficult to protect them. This single factor, as shown by the horrible losses in Montana and California in 2017 it is very important that the prospective homeowner be aware of this risk. Please call if we can help.

Another factor to consider when shopping for that new home is ease of winterization.

What are some things to look for as far as insurance when buying a secondary home.

Insurance companies (and you should too) look at several other factors when assessing risk, they include, but aren’t limited to:

Fire scoring. Assessing a fire risk for a secondary home in Idaho is quantified and given a number between 1 and 100. Many factors contribute to this score, factors include:

  • Distance to the nearest fire hydrant
  • Distance to the nearest fire station
  • Length of your driveway (Good to know for winter)
  • Steepness (grade) of driveway. (ditto)
  • On or off grid. (this may be less of a difference than you might think)
  • A second water supply

The last thing you want to have to worry about when you are away from your vacation home, is worry about if the house when you are away. Consider having the insurance experts at jan jesberger insurance, protect your assets and help enjoy your new home! Give us a call at 208-762-2122 or email us at jan@janjinsurance.com if you have any questions