Why Teens ( and their parents) Pay More for Car Insurance

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Why Teens (and their parents) Pay More for Car Insurance

It is an exciting time; high school, first jobs, sports, and a new driver’s license. Sticker shock often follows the passing of that exam when the first insurance premium arrives in the mailbox. This blog discusses why teens pay more in insurance premiums than others.

Teen drivers, and anyone who is getting their driving privileges for the first time, are statistically more likely to be involved in auto accidents, get traffic tickets and drive while distracted than those with more experience. Just like anything else, the more we practice good driving, the better we get at it. When establishing rates for teens, these factors are considered, in addition there are other factors that are considered like the sex of the teen, their grades and driving history.

Why Do Males Pay More for Auto Insurance?

Male drivers pay more for car insurance than females because of the following statistics:

Other Rating Factors for Insurance

There are many factors that determine your auto insurance rates. Remember, all insurance companies have different profiles, so it is important that you have an independent insurance agent like jan jesberger insurance find the best fit, for the best price. Some common rating factors for companies include:

  • Traffic violations
  • License status
  • Car Accidents
    • Your vehicles value, make and model
      • Your occupation
      • Your auto insurance history- gaps in insurance coverage are expensive

How can I Minimize my Insurance Bills for Teens?

There are several ways to get that bill from the insurance company down, they include:

Vehicle Choice: Rates are based on many factors – call us and we can counsel you when you or your teen is in the market for purchasing a vehicle.

Being on the parent’s policy: This is the best way to keep the rates to the minimum.

Drivers Education: Insurance companies love Drivers Education diplomas. These courses not only teach the rules of the road, but also give valuable behind the wheel practice with a professional educator.

Good Grades: Statistics show that teens who are on the honor roll with a B or better average are less likely to get into accidents.

No Tickets: It is all about having a successful driving history, just like those that have a good credit history pay less, so do those who do not have any tickets.

The bottom line is, some insurance companies charge less than others while providing the same coverage than others. Some give bigger breaks for bundled policies or good grades. Why don’t you drop us a line at jan@janjinsurance.com or call us at 208-762-2122 to help us help you to find the correct company with the correct policies for your unique situation.