Online Documents

This page is for documents that are reference in this webpage, including phone numbers of our carriers, websites and general information. We have also included a contract for teen drivers on this page.

Jan Jesberger Insurance Spring newsletter

This is our printed newsletter.

2019 Gem State Scholorship application


Jan Jesberger Insurance Fall Winter Newsletter

Young Driver Contract

This document is designed to provide a springboard for discussion about creating a contract for parents and their teen drivers about rules for use and maintenance of their vehicles in the first years of their driving experience

Best Wild Salmon Recipes

This is a pdf of WIld Salmon Recipes that I got at a White Cane Salmon Event at an event- my favorite is the Turkish Smoked Paprika Recipe

2022 Gem State Scholarship application

I worked in the Coeur d Alene School District in the 80s and 90's

flyer for the cda school district I worked in the cda school district in the 80's and 90's

Coeur d Alene Schools 80's and 90's reunion

Flyer for Eagles Party