Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is not required in Idaho.

That means that none of the boats and watercraft out on Idahos waters are required to have insurance, and indeed, only a few boat owners actually buy boat insurance. Protect yourself with boat insurance in Idaho from Jan Jesberger Insurance.

What is boat insurance for?

With the increased traffic on our lakes, with no licensing requirement of operators, it sometimes feels like a circus on the lake. Perusing a fishing boat and checking out the electronics and other peripherals help us understand the investment many of us have in watercraft

So what does a boat cover?

Liability and property damage in case of an accident.

In addition, coverages may extend to:

  • Damage to your boat and/or marine equipment.
  • Pollution damage due to fuel spills after an accident.
  • Liability incurred by your boat hitting another boat, dock or swimmer.
  • Medical expenses for injury to you and passengers as a result of a boating accident.
  • Injury caused by a negligent uninsured boater.