Classic Car Restoration

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Coverage on your restoration business.

Not all policies protecting your restoration business are the same, at jan jesberger insurance, we offer policies that includes these vital coverages:

  • Loss of Income,
  • Adequate Liability Protection,
  • Employee Protection Liability insurance.

In addition, jan jesberger insurance offers protection for the following exposures:

Agreed Value Coverage

Most commercial policies provide actual cash value coverage for damage to customers vehicles.This works well for late model cars,but is not a good solution for classic cars in your care.. At jan jesberger insurance, we recommend an insurance package that provides an Agreed Value Coverage, which is based on the classic car market. This guarantees owners will receive the full market value of the covered cars.

Blanket Coverage

Throughout the year, classic car businesses have cars coming and going all of the time .With blanket coverage, there is no need to schedule each car. We provide policies that have an overall limit for all cars combined, so you don’t have to worry about constantly updating a car schedule, freeing you to do the work you need


This coverage is provided when cars are in transit: for example, when a classic car restorer needs to take a car being restored to another shop for some custom paint work.Coverage is not only provided while the car is being transported to and from the other shop, but also applies for as long as the car is at the other shopThis eliminates the worry about the other shop having adequate insurance coverage.

Broad Coverage Options

At jan jesberger insurance we offer broad coverage for your buildings, contents, tools, inventory, customer cars in the care of dealers or restorers liability. Also we offer products/completed -operations liability, workers compensation, umbrella and much more depending on your needs.

We are committed to take care of all of your insurance requirements, we protect you, so you can focus on your business, without the worry. Call us at 208-762-2122 or email at